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Wheel Wash Allows Power Plant to Resume Stalled Construction - esporta wash systems

Automated wheel wash system rental is key for power plant construction success.esporta wash systems

New construction at a Midwest U.S. power plant was shut down after mud and debris were tracked onto public roads by trucks leaving the jobsite. With all work stopped, the contractor needed to prevent all track out to finish the project on schedule.

Because an average of 30 trucks a day were exiting and entering the site each day, a functional automated wheel wash solution was needed.

Rain for Rent designed a wheel wash system utilizing the Conline 400C Wheel Wash system with the addition of water holding tanks. Once installed, construction work resumed immediately. 

Three months into the project, the Wheel Wash is performing beyond the contractor’s expectations with continual daily use and almost no maintenance. The truck tire wash system will remain in place for several months throughout the next phases of the construction project.

MobyDick, the worldwide leader in wheel wash technology has joined forces with Rain for Rent for temporary Wheel Wash systems on remediation, construction and any jobsite that needs the benefit of an efficient and cost effective automated wheel wash systems.esporta wash systems

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