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How can Rain for Rent help with effluent water storage and suspended solids removal? - truck washing brushes

When treating effluent water from an industrial water treatment plant, or any source of water that many contain suspended solids, this water must be filtered and treated properly before being discharged. Rain for Rent offers a variety of weir water storage tanks and boxes for solids settling. For water mixed with oils, the Oil Water Separator systems are an effective treatment method. Best of all, these solids removal methods are powered by gravity.truck washing brushes

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Read more about Rain for Rent's , available in 150 Gallon Per Minute and 300 Gallon Per Minute models. 

For even finer polishing down to 0.5 microns, see a complete line of Rain for Rent’s filtration units.

Contact Rain for Rent for information about creating your own solids settling and filtration system.truck washing brushes

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